Chapter24: when Luxury is art.
is now for sale

100.000.000 U.S.D. 100 million dollars. 100M.
Enter the History of Art. Enter the History of Web.
Chapter24, Artist Collective based in Milan, has born around
the will to use Utopia as a Method to change the world or, at least,
to offer new and challenging interpretations of reality.

“This is the ultimate luxury experience”, says Margherita, feminine side
of the Movement. “A patronage-of-the-arts call to action
and experiment that leads to unknown consequences,
that appears even more fascinating in the crowdfunding era we live in
and that plays with the illusory democratization of art.”

“100 million dollars is a lot of money. No, it is a few.
It depends on what they can produce, both emotionally and
in terms of return on investment”, says Matteo, male side of Chapter24.
“In this context, they buy the access to a good of top luxury:
an everlasting place in the history of Art and in the history of Web,
with the ability to use the clamour as wished.”

The negotiation for the first Chapter24 artpiece
has a reserve price of 36 million dollars (info about the reserve price),
with a Buy Now option set at 100 million dollars.
The operation starts at the Summer Solstice and ends
at the Winter Solstice.

Action Brings Good Fortune.

for inquiries: